Musky measured 51″ inches long with 24″ girth and weighted between 35lb-38lbs!

Mark A. Carson – Freeport, PA

My 20 year old twin sons and I went out for a half day charter with Mike on August 1st and we had a great time. Within 30 minutes my son Sean caught a 31” musky and later in the morning my son Alex caught a 35” musky. Alex also had an even bigger one almost in the boat, but lost it boat side. Mike was a great guide. He had all the right equipment and an unbelievable knowledge of the lake and most importantly where the big fish were! He was very professional and personable and we would highly recommend his charter service to anyone. It was a very enjoyable morning and one my boys and I will not forget.

Keith Eshbaugh – West Alexander, PA

“I fished with Mike from Chautauqua Reel Outdoors on two different outings. First outing we caught 3 muskies and had another hit all while casting. Second trip was totally different conditions, but Mike found the fish and we caught one trolling, one casting and had another hit right at the boat. I learned a lot while fishing with Mike; he has an excellent knowledge of where he’s fishing and the muskys habits, where to find them and how to catch them. I will definitely be back next year!!”

Patricia A. Herschkowitz – Cornwall, PA

“Fishing with Mike was not only successful-I also learned a lot about current trends in muskie fishing. All in all, it was a worthwhile (and enjoyable) experience!”

Brian Green – Ashville, NY

“Fishing with Mike Sperry was a great experience. He put me on fish and I learned a few things and had a blast. I will definitely fish with him again!”

Chad Lapa – Rochester, NY

“You will not find a more professional, nicer and more open captain on Chautauqua Lake than Capt. Mike Sperry. We had three muskies caught and released by 9:00 am but even more impressive was Capt. Mike’s willingness to openly answer all our questions and show us exactly how he consistently puts fish in the boat day in and day out. With over 30 years experience fishing Chautauqua Lake, Mike clearly demonstrated that he has learned a thing or two in his day.”

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